My Weekly Menu For 11/4/2012

Last week was a whirlwind with work,  Hurricane Sandy, snow, Halloween and a million other things.  We lived on leftovers all week and I was so blessed to have Mike cook burgers one night. I promised to make him some comfort foods this week so you all will be getting new recipes. Yay!!!

I want to give a follow-up for our week. My grandson’s were both superheros for Halloween. Caleb was the Incredible Hulk and his momma works at the same school as he attends so she dressed up too. She was a very girlie clown.

I think they are both adorable!!

Isaiah enjoyed his first Halloween and even though he couldn’t enjoy the candy he was a very happy Superman!

I just have to share another picture of Isaiah that is just too cute. He loves books and he put this one on his head and left it for several minutes just peeking out at his parents.

Now I will share my weekly menu with everyone. For breakfast this week I am having Blackberry Muffins that Caleb helped me make last week. For lunch I will have salad with chicken in it.

Our dinners will consist of the following:

  1. Blackened Chicken– I made this tonight and used chicken tenders instead of bone in chicken. Caleb loved this so much that he had 7 chicken tenders. 🙂
  2. left over Blackened Chicken
  3. Mixed Bean Taco Chili– I have to be careful with this one and be sure to exercise on the day that I eat this to prevent it spiking my glucose.

4. left over Taco Chili

5. Stuffed Green Peppers- new recipe to come

6. left over Stuffed Green Peppers

7. Steak Sauce Round Steak

For vegetables I will have the following:

  • asparagus
  • green beans
  • tomatoes
  • onion
  • broccoli
  • salad

A new recipe will be posted on Tuesday- Spicy Beer Chicken Wings- They were awesome!

2 responses to “My Weekly Menu For 11/4/2012

  1. Love the Grand children & the Girl Clown, They are my Great Grand Children Love them all very much, I’ve tried several of your recipes & enjoyed them a lot.Keep on posting, Sounds good. So Proud of you.for all you make time to do to help others. your plate is indeed FULL !!!! Love you

  2. Cutest pictures! Looks like they all had fun.

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