My Weekly Menu For 11/11/2012

I had a very good week. I worked 6 days this week and I was very blessed to have Mike make the chili for me one night when I was working late. I love this man. 🙂 I had told him that I wanted to cut back a bit more on the carbs since I am not getting the opportunity to exercise as much as I had been. He made it for me without the beans and I didn’t miss it all. 🙂

I am planning 2 new recipes this week that I will be sharing with you next week. I have 2 new recipes that I will be sharing this week. They turned out to be very good and I am sure that I will be making them again. 🙂

I was in Walmart yesterday and happened to see a wonderful tribute to the Veterans in our areas. The Junior ROTC from the local high school attended and participated in the tribute. It was so moving to see them respectfully honoring those that have sacrificed so much for this country.

After work yesterday Caleb came to spend the night. He is growing up so fast and was so funny. We cooked Salmon Patties and it was amazing how much food one little boy can put away. I am so happy that he loves eating healthy. He had broccoli, carrots and cauliflower and asked for more. I have to laugh at him. Those that follow me on Facebook know that I am addicted to a TV show called The Walking Dead. Caleb and I discuss zombies and he understands that they are not real. The following conversation occurred with his dad when he came to pick him up.

  • Caleb: If you see a zombie you can only kill it by hitting it in the head. You shouldn’t shoot it with a gun because other zombies in the woods will hear it and come to eat you. You need to use a crossbow. We need to buy crossbows. (All said with a huge smile on his face)
  • Daddy: I think you are spending too much time with Grandma! hahahahaha

Caleb woke up this morning with a big smile on his face. He sleeps with me when he stays over and Mike moves to the couch. We have a guestroom but Mike prefers to sleep on the couch instead. We had breakfast of bacon, scrambled eggs and fresh strawberries. For lunch he requested a snack tray instead of lunch. For him that means crackers, cheese, pepperoni, fresh fruit, fresh veggies and yogurt. He cleaned his plate he enjoyed it so much.

Now that I have shared my weekend with you I will continue with the weekly menu. For our dinners this week we will have the following.

  • Roasted Chicken- new recipe to come
  • left over chicken
  • Short ribs
  • left over short ribs
  • Italian Meatballs- new recipe to come
  • left over Italian Meatballs
  • Pork chops

For vegetables this week we will have the following:

  • tomatoes
  • asparagus
  • onions
  • green beans
  • salad
  • cauliflower

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