King Herod Is a Mean Man!

When Caleb came to spend the weekend we went to Dollar Tree and he bought a nativity set. He played with all of the statues almost constantly and he had me keep telling him the story of Jesus being born in a stable. I can’t possibly tell you how many times that I told him the story. He never tired of it. At one point I decided to go to youtube so that he could see a small cartoon of the birth of Jesus. I found the one below. It went into greater detail than I did and it told of King Herod and how he had ordered all of the male babies be killed in order to try to kill Jesus. Caleb turned to me with a look of sadness and he said, “King Herod is a mean man!”  I had to agree. Next time I will watch a video privately before I let him see it. This was the one that he saw.


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