I met a wonderful man today who is a prepper. Do you know what a prepper is? It is someone that prepares for a natural disaster or apocalypse of some kind. Some people watch the prepper TV show and they think that preppers are all crazy or preparing for something that will never occur. With the state of the economy the way that it is currently and the unemployment rate at such a high rate I can easily see us entering a Depression. This is where I think knowing how to plant a garden, can your own produce and store enough food and necessities actually come in handy.

I actually think it is Biblical to do so as well. I don’t see me preparing a camp in order to bug out but I do see me having a full pantry to sustain us if need be.

My pantry.

I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with this man today. He likes to can his own food and shared how he makes his own apple butter and shares his canned items with his family. He was such a wonderful conversationalist that I didn’t want to leave his home. We discussed farming and family and ways to be self sufficient. So do you know any preppers?


2 responses to “Preppers

  1. I am one! Have been a prepper for over 40 years. It is a way of life now.

    • Oh I am so glad someone commented. Can I ask you a million questions? haha What all do you stockpile for your kitchen needs?

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