Low Carb Stockpiling

When my son, Stephen came by to get Caleb last weekend he told me about a TV show that he loves called Doomsday Preppers. Now Stephen doesn’t prep but he did find the reality show interesting. I have to admit that I was intrigued and I set my DVR to record any of the episodes. After watching a couple of episodes I became intrigued.

Doomsday Preppers

People prep for many different reasons. So far I have seen people prep on the show for:

  1. economic disaster
  2. polar shift
  3. pandemic
  4. natural disasters

I am sure there are many more reasons to prepare for a disaster but what comes to mind for me was seeing how people reacted when the storm came through on June 29th and so many people across several states lost their power. Many people in WV did not have power for 2 weeks.  People were gracious but many people had their homes broken into and struggled to find food and gasoline.

While watching people in New Jersey and New York following Sandy coming through and causing such extreme devastation I couldn’t help but notice how many people were without food. What if they were Diabetics on top of this and unable to get medication as well?

As you know I have always tried to keep a well stocked pantry but with these storms I have to ask myself if we are truly prepared. The answer to that is no. If there were a natural disaster and trucks were unable to get to the stores with new merchandise there would be no food in three days.

While watching the Doomsday Preppers show I had to notice that they all stockpiled foods which were high in carbs. They had plenty of corn, wheat, legumes and pastas. What if you are a Diabetic? How would you handle being able to eat low carb? If you are running low on your medications for your Diabetes you REALLY need to eat low carb.

I would love to start an actual conversation with everyone and have you participate in how you prepare for a disaster if you were to lose power for several days. What items do you have on hand to eat that are low carb? Do you have enough water? Protein? Vegetables?

I had to take stock of my own pantry today and look to see exactly how prepared I am if a disaster were to come through and I needed to have enough food for us for a month. I of course would want to make sure that my family had food and necessary supplies as well. I was not as prepared as I want to be. For this reason I went shopping today and bought several flats of vegetables.

Yesterday, Mike asked me if I would can beef stew for him like I used to do. I also bought everything to make his stew and to can pinto beans as well. If we have this on hand it will make eating much easier for him.

I plan to can some of the beef roasts that I have in my freezer too. Several years ago I canned beef roasts and we loved them. I had completely forgotten about it until Mike reminded me yesterday. It really came in handy when I worked late and didn’t have the time or energy to cook dinner. I was able to open a jar of beef roast and heat a can of vegetables and add a side salad and dinner was ready in 5 minutes. This saved money and time and the roast was very good.

Would you all be interested in my sharing how to can items for preparedness in order to eat low carb? Now I am not wanting to start a debate about politics or the economy. Granted I do have VERY strong opinions on this but I choose to keep my beliefs on this separate from the blog. Lets just keep this to preparing for if a storm comes through and you need to be prepared for if a mass power outage were to occur and you needed to be ready beforehand.

Do you stockpile? Are you prepared? Would you like to share pictures of your stockpile? I will share pictures of mine over the next couple of weeks while I build mine.


12 responses to “Low Carb Stockpiling

  1. Grace, I wrote to you on this matter once before when Katrina was still fresh iin my mind. I found out the hard way that diabetics can survive, but you can’t do it on MRE’s. Those things are deadly for us. Now we keep several flats of green beans, spinach and other greens, tomatoes, tuna, canned chicken, and LC soups for me. I’ll have to look and see what else I have.
    I watch the expiration dates carefully, and when I see we’re getting close, I donate those about once a year to a food bank. Since I live right on the Gulf Coast, preplanning can and may save our lives.
    I remember that after Katrina, we ran out of things to feed people whose homes and jobs were gone, and once we served over forty people with Potato Buds and evaporated milk, canned corn, and Vienna Sausage in a LC bbq sauce on a grill. (Don’t knock it until you are starving! )
    I was dismayed at the lack of preparation in many folks in this last storm, because of the ample warnings. I kept thinking that anyone, no matter how poor, could find some containers to keep water in. That said, it doesn’t hellp if your house and supplies are gone, as many were.
    We’ve lived around the Gulf Coast all our lives, and still we didn’t have a clue what Katrina would do.
    We are now taught that the government won’t be able to help you for at least three days, so you have to take care of yourself. Katrina taught us that we had to take care of ourselves for weeks.
    I’m not sure I can get a picture of my “hurricane closet”, but will try.
    Get prepared, everyone. The life you save may be your own.

    • Katie thank you so much for sharing this. I love hearing from a first hand experience the importance of preparing your home for an emergency in order to care for your Diabetes. I am looking forward to discussing this in greater detail over the next few weeks. One thing that I know I am lacking in is water. I need to seriously stock up on this and come up with a better way to store this too. I hope that you are able to share your pictures. It will give everyone a better idea of how to do it.

  2. You forgot to mention zombies.

    Canned meats, dried meats, veggies.

    • I love you dear daughter. Yes we must be prepared to fight the zombies. I agree with the canned meats. I have salmon, vienna sausages, tuna and crab meat in cans. I need to get more tuna and salmon. Your dad likes Treet but I don’t. I can get some for him to eat if the zombies cause us to lose our power. LOL

    • Actually, I didn’t forget Zombies. You all must be joining me in watching The Walking Dead. LOL
      In my hurricane closet, I have a hatchet, and sadly, guns and ammo. Dried fruit is a great idea.


      • I LOVE The Walking Dead!! I know how you feel about the guns and ammo but unfortunately it is necessary.

  3. I would love to learn how to can meats. My husband and I have actually been seriously looking into creating a stockpile and I don’t want it filled with grains and beans, either. How long do canned meats last?

    • USDA recommendations are that home canned foods should be used within one year for best quality. However, that said, I do know people who keep it a bit longer. I still plan to can them and just keep them rotating. I am looking forward to this new thread. I am making beef stew for Mike on Sunday. This has potatoes so I can’t eat it but I will be canning pot roasts very soon. 🙂

  4. I definitely would love reading on how to can meats also. Even the beef stew….for my hubby. I do keep quite a bit of bottled water as that is all I drink anymore…but I am really not sure of how much is enough for stockpiling? Thanks!!

    • Hello Brenda. I am glad you have spoken up. 🙂

      I plan to discuss canning over the next few weeks. I have the beef stew in the canner now! 🙂 It is definitely not something that I can eat as it has too many carbs with the potatoes in it. I am looking for an alternate method that will be low carb for us. I have found several canning recipes that include meat that I will be sharing over the next few weeks. Today I will provide a list of items that people will need to get to can meat. Stay tuned and the recipes will be following soon. 🙂

    • I don’t really know how much is the right amount either. Storage is a pain, and living here in South Mississippi, we can’t store it in the garage, because of the heat.
      I keep 4 cases in my little laundry room, then half gallons stored on a shelf there. Years ago, a friend gave me some 5 gal. containers that had contained cat litter, and we keep those pushed back against the wall under the vanity in our bathrooms. I change the water in them every year and add a little bleach since it is only for flushing. Not great, but it’s the best I can figure out.


      • I love your suggestion on kitty litter containers for storing water for flushing. I hadn’t considered that as an option. I really don’t like the idea of buying bottled water because I hate the idea of the landfills being filled with empty bottles that can’t decompose. I would love to have suggestions on that too.

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