Canning and Stockpiling Low Carb

I was very surprised how many people commented here and by email stating that they wanted to can or stockpile for low carb. I started searching online for more information and there aren’t many suggestions regarding low carbing and for preparing to survive if a disaster occurred for Diabetics. I was able to learn quite a bit and will be sharing that over the next few weeks.

First lets discuss items that you will need in order to can.

Most people start canning by canning tomatoes, green beans or making jelly. Since I am starting in the colder weather I am going to show you how to can meats and legumes first. For this you will need a pressure canner. I highly suggest this one.  This one is safe even for glass top stoves.  Not all are.  I have placed it in my webstore. You can get to it by clicking here.

There is a kit that includes a canning funnel, jar lifter and several other items that are necessary in canning. It will prevent you from getting burned while removing the jars from the canner.  You can get to it by clicking here. 

Of course you can’t can things without jars. Years ago we were able to save our mayonnaise jars and use those for canning. Our mayonnaise are now all in plastic  jars so we have to purchase our jars.  Luckily the jars can be used over and over and will last you many years. Many of my jars my mother gave to me from where she used to can. I have jars stuck in many places throughout my home. My attic has several large boxes of jars as well. There are times that all of my jars are full. Sadly that is not the case at this time as I didn’t can tomatoes or green beans this summer. The local farmer that I get my produce from had problems with deer this year so I wasn’t able to get my usual supply.

You can choose from wide mouth or regular mouth jars. It is a personal choice as to which you want to use. I prefer to use the regular mouth jars but since I NEVER turn down an offer for jars when offered I use them both. If you ask around you will be able to find people who no longer can and want to donate or sell their jars very cheaply. You can easily find them at yard sales for about $2 a dozen. Keep your eyes open. If you need to purchase them you can get them here. 

You can reuse the bands and jars but you will need to use a fresh new lid each time you can. The bands will rust easily so be sure to dry them immediately when washing them. You can easily get an entire season of canning out of your bands.  To get the lids click here.

Now even though it will be a bit before I share recipes for a hot water bath canner I will provide that information here as well. First of all ask around and see if you know if your Mother or Grandmother have a water-bath canner that they no longer want. Canning was becoming a dying art but with all of the natural disasters and economy struggles people are canning again. You might be able to find one cheaply through a friend or relative.  If you aren’t that lucky you can find one by clicking here. 

You will need canning salt to preserve the food. This is not expensive and will last a very long time. You can buy this in any grocery store and to be honest I did not find a reasonable price for it on Amazon so I am not adding a link to it. This is the picture though. One box should last you  through a year of canning.

I have more canning items in my Webstore to the side. Look under the Odds and Ends category.

This should be enough to get us started.  I would love to actually know that you are actually interested in this and participating. Please share some of the places that you have gotten some of your jars from. I had one woman tell me that she didn’t want to can anymore and offered me several boxes of empty jars in exchange for 2 jars of peaches that I had already canned. Score!!!


2 responses to “Canning and Stockpiling Low Carb

  1. I am so happy that I found this site! Not only am I cutting carbs, but I have been interested in canning for a while now. Thanks to this site I have the confidence to start!

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