Restocking the Pantry

I haven’t been very good at keeping my pantry stocked and I am going to dedicate the next few weeks to correcting that problem. On Sunday I spent some time reorganizing it and this is how it looks right now. I didn’t photograph the several feet of empty shelving that I have. I will be filling those areas with jars of items that I will be canning.

My pantry is made in a bedroom closet that Caleb is currently using. He knows not to get into the pantry and it has never been a problem. Mike built shelves into it for me. We have large folding double doors across the front of it. It measures 6 feet wide and over 11 feet high.

On the top shelf I have light weight items such as Mike’s boxes of instant mashed potatoes. I need to get more of these for him. My goal is to have enough food in my pantry to maintain us for a year if necessary. I urge most people to have enough in their pantry to sustain them for at least 3 months if a natural disaster occurs. I keep watching the news and see how people in New York and New Jersey are struggling from the storm last month. It will be impossible for the government to help quickly if there is mass destruction such as they are experiencing.

The next shelf down holds my baking items. I love these large lock and lock canisters. They are so convenient for baking.

Next I have my bottled items. I need to stock up on mayonnaise and ketchup. I had not realized I had none at this point. I will need more salsa to get through the next year. I like the salsa that I can get at Dollar Tree.

I am slowly stockpiling Mike’s pinto beans. The problem with stockpiling beans is that you have to have them in something where no oxygen can get to them or they have a relatively short shelf life of just a few months. As they get older they dry out to the point that they will not absorb the water and swell to cook. I will need to invest in some type of a container that will remove the oxygen. I also plan to can some as well.

I love pumpkin. Did you all already know that? bwahaha

I need to get more canned salmon, tuna and crab.

Next comes all of my canned items of tomato paste, tomato sauce, tomatoes, green beans, corn, mixed vegetables, mushrooms, pork n beans, refried beans and several kinds of soup.

When I talk about stockpiling food and filling my pantry many people don’t understand why I do this. I do this for several reasons. I have had periods of my life where money has been very tight and I had no money for groceries. Right now I am in a place where I don’t have to worry about that but I feel that I should be prepared for if things change and I am suddenly unemployed or experience a loss causes financial hardship for us. There have been times that having a well stocked pantry has come in handy.

I also believe that the Bible commands us to prepare and fill our coffers. Whenever I mention my faith or God on the blog I have many people unsubscribe. That is your choice but I hope that you stick around. My faith is part of who I am and why I do the things that I do.

While doing my research on this subject I found this wonderful blog where they share Christian beliefs and homesteading. She explains things much more eloquently than I could ever dream of doing. Check her out.

Like  A Bubbling Brook- Is Stockpiling Scriptural?


4 responses to “Restocking the Pantry

  1. I will check out the blog you suggested but I think you did a wonderful job of explaining things here. Christians need not be afraid of stating their beliefs – in fact, I think we need to be more vocal. Our opinions are no different than someone else’s when it comes to listening and tolerance. Anyway, love your pantry, we have a small home and I have a small pantry and then shelving units here and there – kitchen, utility room, sunroom but we are doing the same – canning and stocking up. It’s only smart – IMHO!

    • Barbara I have even put canned items in boxes and thrown a tablecloth over them and used them as end tables. No one knew they were boxes of food until I had get into them to get jars out. haha I have had to get very creative with places to store my canned items over the years when we were raising the kids in this little house. 🙂

  2. We both have awesome husbands my husband built me the same thing in our spare room but i use all the shelves for my jewelry stuff

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