Eating Low Carb While Working

I get so many emails and questions from my friends regarding how to eat low carb while working.  I tell everyone that it can be pretty easy if you do plan for it. When you make a meal just put a few servings of it in containers and freeze them. This will give you a supply of various meals so that you aren’t eating the same thing each day. If you are in need of lunch ideas simply click on this link. I have 34 different posts just about eating low carb for lunch. Perhaps this can give you ideas on how it can meet your needs.

Grace288s’s Low Carb Lunch Ideas


3 responses to “Eating Low Carb While Working

  1. would love to hear your advise for lunches for someone who cant reheat stuff for lunch. I do homecare so basically I eat out of a brown bag. In the winter and fall the stuff stays cool enough in car but not in the summer. some of the things i will take now are nuts, string cheese or cottage cheese when i can keep it safely cold, sometime a fiber one bar.

    • I have to eat in the car 3 days a week and have to eat cold lunches on those days too. I already have my posts written for this week but I will start adding some example of cold lunches for next week. Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂

  2. Thank you

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