Low Carb Brown Sugar

I love Pinterest. If you don’t already follow me on there you can find me by clicking here. Grace2882 on Pinterest.  Anyway, I was on Pinterest just before Christmas and I saw a link that showed how to make your own brown sugar. Their recipe was using real sugar and molasses and I knew that wouldn’t work for my needs. So I did a little experiment. I used Splenda and Molasses and it worked like this.

I mixed 1 Tablespoon molasses with 1 cup of Splenda.

I highly recommend using a much large bowl than you think you need. I made quite a big mess on my counter by using a cereal bowl. Once it is mixed well it will resemble this.

I stored it in a bowl with a locking lid in my refrigerator and used it in recipes that calls for brown sugar. I noticed that it was a bit sweeter than brown sugar so you won’t need to use as much a recipe calls for if you are just converting a recipe from regular to low carb.  Also DO NOT PACK THIS into  a measuring cup. It is EXTREMELY sweet.

I will be sharing a recipe tomorrow that uses this mixture. The nutritional information for this is very low. One Tablespoon of Molasses has 15 carbs. However once you divide that by the entire recipe that this will go into you will only get a small amount of carbs from this.

If you are wanting to lower your carbs even more you can continue to use Brown Sugar Twin Replacement which has no carbs. I do have a difficult time finding this locally so I will probably be using this Splenda version quite a bit. I think it tasted better too.




2 responses to “Low Carb Brown Sugar

  1. Extremely interesting information. thank you so much for posting this. Does this mean you’ll stop buying your twin sugar?

  2. Faith25311@aol.com

    I Love Pinterest also, I find Brown Sugar Twin to be Bitter sometimes I use Xyitol or Splenda in with the Sugar Twin Brown Sugar. your new findings will be great. Love you

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