Sunday With Caleb

Today was fabulous. Caleb came and spent the day with us. First we built a big castle using his large blocks. Then while eating lunch he asked if we could go to the park or local grade school as it was so warm out today.

We went to the local grade school and played for almost 2 hours there. We were like little kids again. I will definitely sore tomorrow. We played follow the leader and of course Caleb was the leader. 🙂

We climbed up jungle gyms and played on the seesaw. I know my legs will ache in the morning. Caleb stated he hoped that the ice cream truck would be coming around but this time of year we knew there would be no truck coming today. While playing at the top of the jungle gym Caleb stated that he wanted to build a castle that he could eat. So after the play ground we went to a local store and bought ice cream and I bought graham crackers and a can of frosting. When we got home he built a castle and laughed the whole time. I am showing a picture despite this NOT being low carb. This was just a fun day at Grandma’s.

I have had a rough week so having this wonderful little guy today was exactly what I needed.




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