Bucket List

My good friend Libby and I have been talking a lot lately. When she went through her divorce a few years ago we talked quite often and now she is helping me through mine. Tonight we were making our Bucket List of things that we want to do before we die and we laughed our heads off. Literally. I had to bend over and pick mine up. haha

My real name is Peggy and this is our Bucket List. The expensive things will have to wait to happen for when we are both financially more stable. Social Workers don’t make much money but I am determined that we will do these things.  I wonder who has a motorcycle and a snake that can help me mark two things off of my list? I will update as we do them.

This is a picture of Libby and I after hiking together a couple of years ago.

Bucket List

1. Intertubing behind a boat- zip skiing
2. Tube float down Greenbrier River
3. Spend the night in the Lunatic Assylum in Weston, WV
4. Camp at Pipestem and hike the trails
5. Ziplines- Libby needs to do this.
6. Libby wants to go to England and Hawaii
7. Peggy wants to go on an African Safari
8. Peggy wants to get an extra pierce in one ear
9. Peggy wants to hold a snake
10. Peggy wants to eat alligator and rattlesnake
11. Libby wants to go White Water Rafting
12. Both want to go to a foreign country and do missionary work
13. Learn to drive a motorcycle all by myself- Peggy only. Libby is a wuss.
14. Libby wants to see Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls. Okay. Peggy wants to too.

Edit to add:

15. Find the grave of Mamie Thurman.


3 responses to “Bucket List

  1. My name is Joy & I found your blog while browsing on Pinterest. I like the natural way that you post your experiences. I too am diabetic & have a large amount of weight to lose & have been struggling with how to do it in a healthy way. It seems that you have found a way that I might be interested in – how did you begin?

    • I always recommend that people begin with reading Dr. Bernstein’s book The Complete Diabetic Solution. It really explains how to eat healthy and get your Diabetes under control. Good luck.

  2. Peggy, I’m not sure about you & Libby does that bucket have a hole in it.? if not the hole should be big enough for the snake to escape. Lol I have felt snakes as a little girl & I dont wish to ever do that again. seems like only yesturday. This snake does it need to be poison.? Ask your son he will find you one but I don’t wish to see this BUCKET WISH. sounds as if you & Libby will have fun over the next few years. but I wish to ask Jesus to watch over you two.Love you dear & BE HAPPY. your mother

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