Saturday with Caleb

I hadn’t had Caleb come to visit in 3 weeks and boy did I miss this kid. He had been on spring break and they went out of town and last week was Easter so he had egg hunts and family dinners so he wasn’t over. He informed me today that he wants to come spend the night in two weeks but he still wants to come back to visit next weekend too.

While he was here we spent some time outside because the weather was fabulous. He rode his big wheel and kept saying that he was faster than Jeff Gordon. haha

We went to a local playground and he met some new children. It was great to see him interacting with the other kids. He made friends very easily and he enjoyed shooting hoops and playing soccer.

I really enjoy taking him to the playground. Watching him play is one of the brightest moments of my life. I wish Isaiah lived closer so that I could play with him more too. He will be here in June and I can’t wait. Until then I will continue to play with Caleb on my weekends.

My wifi has been down and I have been trying to get it fixed all week. I am back up and running now I will see about getting a new recipe to you this week. My sister made 2 recipes that I will be sharing that were very good and today Caleb and I made a new recipe for dinner. I thought it was okay but he absolutely loved it so I will be sharing it too. He is becoming a great cook just like his Daddy!!


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