24 Hours of Caleb

I had the best 24 hours. Any time that I spend with one my grandsons is wonderful. Caleb was so excited when he got here. I had gotten things out of my craft boxes for us to paint but we never got that far. We spent many hours playing.

So far with Caleb I have gone through different stages of his life. He has loved Elmo, Thomas the Train, Scooby Doo and now he is hooked on Skylanders. We spent many hours on the Skylanders website. Since I don’t have the game here we pretended to be Skylander characters. He was Bouncer and I was NinJini. I was walking around the house carrying his toy sword and a water bottle and pretending to fight evil doers.

At one point I told him that he might need an intervention regarding his obsession with Skylanders. The conversation went like this.

Me: I think you might need an intervention since you like Skylanders so much.

Caleb: What is an intervention?

Me: It is when people get together and help people to give up what they are obsessing on.

Caleb: (thought for a moment and said very low) I wouldn’t like one of those.

hahaha I hugged him and told him that we would never do that.

This morning he was all smiles with his low carb french toast and fresh strawberries.

Last night I made the Stuffed Rib Eyes and Caleb loved them.  For dessert I made Triple Berry Ice Cream and he also loved it.

I am hoping to take him swimming next weekend. I hope that we have many more overnights together.  This kid is awesome.


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