My Busy Day!

I have had a busy day. I went hiking today for the first time all by myself. It was wonderful.  I took time to think about things and about how my life has changed so much. I am enjoying my new life and am excited about the future. Walking up that steep hill I had a feeling of accomplishment by doing it by myself. I walked for over an hour and made it about 4 miles before coming home. These are some of the views that I had along the trail.

Afterwards I went to the local farmer’s market and bought fresh strawberries and new plants for my raised vegetable garden. I bought 3 purple cabbage, 3 green cabbage, 3 tomato plants, 3 banana peppers, 3 green peppers and one red pepper plant. I bought some kale seeds and I hope to plant those soon. I decided to turn my front flower bed into an edible garden so I planted the purple cabbage among the hostas and roses.

My rosemary survived the winter and is doing well so I won’t need to replant this year. I think the oregano also survived but I need to study a bit to see if it is a weed or the actual oregano.  I enjoyed the beautiful day and sunshine. It is good to be alive.



One response to “My Busy Day!

  1. So happy for you:)

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