Rural Post Offices

When I am working in the rural areas sometimes I come across things that make me smile. One thing that always catches my eyes are the rural post offices. Some of them are so tiny and others are rather humorous. This first one is in Julian, WV. This is in a house that has been divided.  Half of it is a post office and the other half is a balloon store called the Balloony Barn. How cute is this?

Post Office in Julian, WV

This next post office is in Spurlockville, WV. It is smaller than a one car garage. Isn’t it quaint? I love working in this small rural areas.

Post Office in Spurlockville, WV

You should all be grateful that I chose to share the post offices with you. I also find public toilets in rural areas quite humorous. 🙂 For instance one day I stopped at a gas station with a public bathroom located at the far end of the building in a rural area in Lincoln County. I had to enter the gas station to get the key and  as soon as I entered the bathroom I heard, “HISSSSSS!!!!!” I froze and stood in one place for several minutes barely moving my head from side to side looking for a snake.

I was thinking to myself  that for a very stark bathroom it sure does smell good in here. Then I noticed a motion sensor Glade Air Deodorizer just beside the door. When I had entered it had sprayed air deodorant. hahaha

I went into another bathroom in Boone County and regret not taking pictures of this bathroom. I honestly considered taking the pictures and sharing it on the blog but you all would have thought that I were insane. 🙂 When I got back to the car I made my co-worker enter the bathroom to see it for herself. She came out laughing too. I can’t even describe it.


3 responses to “Rural Post Offices

  1. I love quaint little rural areas. When we visited Dallas we drove up to Thackerville, Oklahoma. The population was around 500 people. When we got there, I thought it was a high estimate. It was pretty desolate. They had a little post office that was closed for lunch every day. We thought that was the best thing ever. Also I believe city hall shared a building with a senior citizen center.

    • I love it. I think I will begin photographing post offices everywhere that I go. Although I am still interested in the public bathrooms too. haha

  2. I like the rural post offices, where I grew up ours was located in our grocery store, just a small cubicle, this was all I had ever seen so it was normal to me until I got married & moved to Charleston, Oh my all that wasted space in the big Post Office. haha but I want pix of the bathrooms also. Lol

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