Get Up and Get Out With Caleb

The town of Hurricane, WV had a big day at a local park where they offered a free day to encourage people to get up off of the couch and get out and become active.  Last night Caleb spent the night and we had a big day of activities. We arrived at the park and spent about 90 minutes playing on the playground.

Caleb is getting so big and he is much more independent and enjoys one on one time with grandma. As soon as he heard they were going to have a relay obstacle course he wanted to sign up. He had so much fun.

Caleb has always been afraid of heights but today he conquered his fears and climbed the rock wall.

They had a medivac helicopter there for all of the children to sit in and ask questions about. He was so happy to climb into this helicopter.

He also was allowed to climb into the fire truck too.

They had an archery area which Caleb LOVED. His daddy is an avid hunter and he wants to be just like his daddy.

The community really came through with this event. All of the children were having a good time and Caleb was so excited to be participating in this. We ended the day with a healthy lunch that was also provided free to the community. We had a chicken vegetable stir fry that was made without sugar and green beans with almonds. Caleb and I both enjoyed this lunch.

He was wore out when we left and I was sunburned. Why is it that I burn and he just glowed? We both made some wonderful memories today. I would never trade my time with my grandchildren. I hate that Isaiah lives so far away. I want to have these same regular memories with him. I understand that Samantha is where God has placed her and she is doing his will but I miss them.



One response to “Get Up and Get Out With Caleb

  1. I’m glad you & Caleb shared your wonderful day with us. I can hear him now telling about his new experiances, This was a big day for a 5 year old.Great Job done in Hurricane WV.

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