Happy Happy Happy

This morning when I was mowing the lawn I was looking around at my roses and it seems that even the flowers are happy. Everywhere I looked I saw signs of flourishing life.

Roses in front of home

Roses on side of home

Roses against fence to backyard

Oregano transferred to large pot

On a side note. Max has learned a bad trick. While I was raking the yard he got my new can of mixed nuts off of the couch and managed to open the can. As you can see the can is empty. :::sigh:::

Bad dog!!

I do get a sense of accomplishment from doing the yard work and seeing everything thriving.  When I was looking at the raised garden I noticed that my 3 banana pepper plants are full of blooms so I will have an abundance of peppers this summer. Whoohooo!!

I need to go and weed my front flower beds. I have beautiful purple cabbage planted in my flower beds. They will be large and decorative pretty soon. 🙂

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing my roses.





2 responses to “Happy Happy Happy

  1. How beautiful, we are entering winter very soon in sunny South Africa. Can’t complain though, we still have beautiful sunny days, it’s only the fall leaves that reminds us that winter is around the corner. Enjoy the gardening!

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