Map My Fitness!

I have been using Map My Fitness for over a year to track when I go hiking and over the weekend I began using it to track my nutrition as well. It is so simple to use. It tells me how many calories I can eat per day and I enter my food intake and it automatically enters the calories, fiber, protein, fat and carbs. I wish that I had started using it to keep track of my food intake last year when I first began using the program.

I am entering my workouts at Zumba now into the program too. I have now bought Kettlebells and will be doing weight toning along with the Zumba 3 nights a week. I hope to increase and tone while losing weight. The extra exercising is helping me to keep my glucose levels down as well.

Tonight I went to the local high school and jogged and walked. I would walk half of a lap and jogged the other half until I had completed 1.68 miles. I feel wonderful. I hope to start jogging more until I can increase my strength. I feel as if I have wasted so many years not working towards getting healthy. You can be thin but unless you exercise with it you will not be maximizing your bodies true potential of better health.  Being strong is so much more important than just thin. You need to do both!!

You can save the Map My Fitness program on your smart phone or use their program online. I highly recommend it.


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