Day 1 Of Challenge

I only have 2 people doing the challenge with me so far. The challenge is agreeing to exercise and chart your food intake to get your desired result. For me my desired result is to lose 10 pounds and get stronger/healthier.

I have been using Map My Fitness to chart my calories burned and food intake. I love their program. It allows me to see how many carbs, calories, fat and protein that I am eating each day. According to their site I am supposed to be eating 1286 calories per day. When you burn calories it will suggest to you to replace those calories with more food. I am eating such huge meals but since I am eating lots of veggies and protein I am only getting about 1100 calories per day. That is not enough according to some nutritional experts that are in my Zumba class.

My body apparently believes that I am in starvation mode and despite all of the exercising I am not losing weight. I am burning between 1000 to 2000 calories per day with doing Zumba and jogging/walking. I decided yesterday to take their advice and up my food intake. I also mowed the lawn and jogged/walked 2.5 miles at the local track. When I returned home about 9:30 last night I ate 2 deviled eggs and a low carb yogurt. This morning I got up and I had lost a pound. Yay me!!! I am going to continue to chart my progress and I would appreciate it if you would share your progress as well.

Lets do this together. Who else is in this with me?


6 responses to “Day 1 Of Challenge

  1. All right I downloaded the app to my phone. I am all signed up and ready to go. I hope I will learn something about where I am going wrong. I know it has a lot to do with my eating or lack there of. I work all day and don’t eat, then go home and eat a whole bunch cause i’m starving. maybe keeping better track of all that will give me some insight. I plan to keep track of my foods, but that’s something I have never been very good at. Here we go….

    • Yay Bridget. I am glad that you are joining us. It is important to eat throughout the day and not until evening. I bought a lot of veggies and I will be chopping them and putting them in a bowl in the fridge to grab each morning for work. I am big on cooking once and eating several meals. Now that I am single it is too easy not to cook. I had to realize that I am worth the time to do this for myself. What type of exercising are you going to do?

  2. Hey, Grace,
    Sounds like the nutritionist gave good advice. You must have reached a plateau and to break it, you needed to give your body more food to prevent the starvation mode of storing fat. I have been dabbling with trying to lose since finding out about the Celiac disease, but just doing without all wheat and bread products hasn’t caused me to lose much weight. I have lost inches. Seems depriving myself of breads makes me crave sugar even more. I will accept your challenge but since I just read it, I will begin tomorrow. I read a book called “It All Starts with Food” by Melissa & Dallas Hartwig, which encourages no processed foods, but eating more meats & veggies. It’s really a good book, makes since, and will work with my health problems. I love your recipes and can even modify some to meet my gluten free status. Here’s to a great challenge!

    • Welcome Rita. I am glad to have you join the challenge. I just posted my exercise for the day over on Facebook. My uncle has Celiac Disease and I have been able to learn through him. Many of the recipes on the blog will fit your diet. I really feel for what you are going through. Are you also a Diabetic like I am? I agree that my body has reached a plateau. I just have to be vigilant and keep pressing on. I totally agree with not purchasing processing foods. With all of the GMO in our foods now it is almost impossible to buy processed food that doesn’t have it in it. We have to start eating healthier as a nation.

  3. I am up for this challenge. 🙂 I have been using and I think I’ll stick with that. Not sure if that messes anything up. I am type 2 but so far have been able to avoid mediation, however, at my last checkup my weight and blood sugar were up a bit too high. The doc gave me 90 days to get things under control and I had a slow start. My BS wasn’t coming down and my weight wasn’t budging either. I read Dr Bertstein’s book and now have lost 12 lbs and most of the time my BS is in the normal range. I still need to lose about 40 lbs and of course I need to exercise every day. I have been keeping my carb count below 60 a day and it seems like my calories have to stay around 1000 for any weight to come off. Thanks for the challenge!

    • Sandy I am so glad that you are in control and have read Dr. Bernstein’s book. Lets do this together. 🙂

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