Day 2 of Challenge

I am very happy with myself. I know it is too soon to know if adding extra calories is working to jumpstart my weight loss but I am down 1 pound so hopefully I can see a real difference by the end of the week.

Last night I went to the track and jogged/walked 3 miles in the rain. I even beat my time per mile by a minute. Perhaps wanting to get it done so that I could get out of the rain inspired me. hahaha

For my lunch today I took leftovers from last night’s dinner. For dinner I made Salmon Patties and Broiled Asparagus with Parmesan Cheese. I had a carbmaster Black Forest Cake Yogurt for dessert. I am getting ready to go to the gym for Zumba this evening.

I am happy with the results of adding extra calories in jump starting my weight loss again. I know it is too early to declare that it worked but I was finally down a pound this morning. I hoping that the nutrition experts that I have been speaking with know what they are talking about.

We have 6 that have agreed to join the challenge. Who else wants to join in on tracking your calories, carbs and exercise to lose a bit of weight?

For my 6 who agreed to participate how is it going for you? Any struggles or obstacles? How are you dealing with them?


4 responses to “Day 2 of Challenge

  1. Looks great! I’ve got dinner partially made already, sauteed up some chicken breasts and then made a nice little pan sauce with the pan drippings, some homemade chicken stock, and a couple wedges of Laughing Cow cheese. Salad with goat cheese, spring mix, sliced almonds, and strawberries on the side.

    • Your dinner sounds delicious. I never thought of using the laughing cow wedges into a sauce. Can I steal your idea for a recipe?

  2. Susan Kopczyk

    I’m doing great. Down 1/2 a pound. I did water aerobics, water zumba and yoga today. I have a public food diary on I am so enjoying the low carb lifestyle. I wish I had been directed to it years ago.

    • Susan you are doing great. I can’t imagine eating any other way now. The food is so delicious and easy to obtain. This is a very way of eating. 🙂

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