Day 3 of Challenge

Things are going well for me. I am shocked at how I have had to add calories to my diet in order to jump start my weight loss now that I am exercising so much but it is working. I did not lose an entire pound but I am seeing it slowly inch its way back down. Thank goodness for scales that show ounces too. 🙂

How is it going with the tracking of your calories, carbs and exercising? I do have to say that I love Map My Fitness. It is so easy to use. It easily tracks my calories, and tells me how many my body is needing. A friend gave me a link to a website that tells you how many calories you need to eating in order to lose weight or to maintain. Check this out.

Calorie Calculator

Today my dinner was left over Salmon and left over Brussel Sprouts with Bacon and Walnuts. I have to tell you what happened yesterday at work. I was eating left over pork chops and Brussel Sprouts when a young co-worker walked past. He asked me what I was eating and then asked if brussel sprouts and broccoli were the same thing. He had never eaten brussel sprouts and when I explained they were similar to tiny cabbages he made a face. Apparently he doesn’t eat veggies.

I was a bit shocked until I realized that until 2 years ago I had never eaten asparagus, artichokes or brussel sprouts myself. Sometimes things become second nature until we realize that these things were once new to us at some point.

Anyway this was my dinner tonight. I also had a carbmaster black forest cake yogurt for dessert.

I am all dressed and ready for Zumba tonight. Last night I was so sweaty from working out that the back of my tshirt was soaked. I wore a pink breast cancer awareness shirt that my mom gave me. It is very lightweight and is now possibly my favorite work out shirt. I am finding that comfort really does help me to get around the track. After Zumba my neighbor and I went to the track and jogged/walked 1.4 miles. For now the rain has finally stopped so if it is still gone after Zumba I hope to hit the track afterwards.

What are you doing to work out and what did you do last night?



2 responses to “Day 3 of Challenge

  1. Susan Kopczyk

    Today was free weight and resistance machines. I worked out for 1.5 hours. Not bad for a senior of 71 years young. I had a chicken breast and broccoli for dinner tonight. I am a widow and live alone so my meals are pretty simple.

    • Yay Susan. With my job I see so many people your age just sitting back and allowing their body to weaken. Kuddos to you for fighting back and remaining healthy. 🙂

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