Day 4 of Challenge

This has been a rough day. I had to get up at 5AM in order to drive 2 hours to get to a Social Work Conference. I knew that it was a Children’s Justice Task Force Conference but I had not prepared myself for one of the speakers. After seeing about 50 autopsy pictures of murdered babies I was thoroughly depressed. The conference was very nicely done actually and I was very blessed to be there. I have not worked with abused children for many years and it brought back so many sad memories for me.

The conference provided lunch for us and I was a bit worried that they would be serving sandwiches and chips but this is what I found. Doesn’t this look wonderfully healthy and low carb? It was.  I had rosemary lemon chicken, baked ham, salad, and summer vegetable medley.

After my 2 hour drive home I was a bit mentally and physically worn out.  I have been struggling with some stomach issues all week and tonight they kicked in big time. I will have to take an evening off from exercising. Tomorrow I have Zumba and jogging. 🙂

On a side note: Max has another bad habit. On the way home I went through a restaurant drive through and bought a grilled chicken salad. When I came home I sat it on the counter and went to the bathroom. I quickly heard the bag rattle when it hit the floor. I screamed from the bathroom and came running out to find him hiding behind the dining room table. The salad was still in the bag in my living room floor. What is up with this dog all of a sudden? He wouldn’t have eaten it. He doesn’t like vegetables. hahaha


3 responses to “Day 4 of Challenge

  1. That looks like a great meal at the conference! I made a tasty stir fry tonight (chicken breast, zucchini, onion, and fresh green beans), the boyfriend ate it over rice but I just ate it alongside a kale salad. It was the first time I made kale salad, I usually do kale chips or cook the kale down but it was delicious and I had a second serving.

  2. Well Mommy, he doesn’t know he won’t eat it until he gets the bag on the floor to check it out. . .haha. The lunch they served looked really good!

    • Tonight when I was cooking dinner I accidentally dropped a piece of raw cabbage. He sniffed and walked away. That dog has issues. I am cooking it with bacon. I wonder if that will change his mind. haha

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