Day 6 of Challenge

Yesterday I just did not have enough hours in the day and didn’t get to post here. I was still a bit under the weather from my stomach issues the night before so I took it easy. I went to Zumba and then just walked at the track.

I feel much better tonight so I went jogging/walking and I completed 2.90 miles and burned 327 calories. You might ask how I can be so precise about how many calories that I burned and that is because I bought this little gem.

This is a Pyle heart rate/calories burning watch. It has a band that you wear around your chest that monitors your heart rate and sends the information to your watch. The watch can then tell you how many calories that you are burning. 🙂 I am curious to see how many calories I burn in Zumba next week.

Pyle Sports PHRM38PN Heart Rate Monitor Watch with Minimum, Average Heart Rate, Calories, Target Zones, Pink

Tonight I had Dr Pepper Pot Roast and Cabbage with Bacon for dinner. It was very filling.

I am tracking my calorie intake and today I ate 1399 calories and burned 327 at the track tonight. According to Map My Fitness to maintain my weight I need to eat 2099 calories a day due to my current level of exercise. If you want to figure out how many calories a day you need to eat you can use this link to figure your desired caloric intake.

Caloric Calculator

Yesterday I had an amazing realization. For me this was epic. Now don’t laugh at me but something happened for me that I don’t believe has happened since I was a child. I took a big deep breath and my entire lung expanded easily. I was easily using my ENTIRE lung. I had not realized over the year but I was only using the top part of my lungs. Now that I have been exercising and breathing heavy I now use all parts of my lunch and am able to expand my entire lung.

Tonight one of the women that I jog with stated that I was jogging much quicker. I had noticed that I wasn’t shuffling my feet as much as before but taking determined strides and it didn’t seem to be as stressful on my knees as when I had shuffled my feet.

I just realized how long this post has become. I could delete part of it but I am going to leave it for now. What did you do exercise and eat healthy today?

4 responses to “Day 6 of Challenge

  1. Great job! I actually took my first Zumba class with my bestie today! I’m planning on getting to the gym for my regular workout M-W-F this week and have been upping my veggies and fruits and drinking green smoothies. I feel really good!

    • Great job. How did you like Zumba? I love it but the first place that I went to was horrible and I had to attend a different class at another location to keep me interested.

  2. I liked it a lot! I will probably go back saturday unless I have plans that interfere. I might try a weekday class too, I think there would be less people in it so I could hear/see better.

    • The closer to the front that you stand the better your workout. You will be able to see better and it just seems that the ones in front are more active than the ones in the back of the class. At least in my class.

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