Short Check In

I am exhausted. I worked until 7:40 tonight so I had to miss Zumba. I did go to the track and jogged/walked 3.11 miles and burned 375 calories while I was there. I made the new recipe for dinner tonight using the peppers out of my garden. I really liked it. I will share later in the week.

I need to hit the sack. I have to work hard tomorrow. I hope that I make it to zumba tomorrow. How did you do with your exercising and what do you do for a mini workout for when work gets hectic?


4 responses to “Short Check In

  1. Grace: Wow, good for you for getting to the track despite a long workday!! I did an hour and a half yoga class this evening which is a great strengthening and flexibility workout for this almost 60 year old body. When work gets too hectic, as it sometimes does, I go for a walk around my block which is about 8/10 of a mile. I figure anything is better than nothing!!

  2. Well I drug the water hose & watered my flowers, I have a lot blooming that you havent seen, they really are pretty. My sugar is staying low but I get hungry, I’ll have to get use to eating less even though I wasn’t eating sweets before my sugar went up, it’s hard to give up most breads. I have to do this. I hurt my Big toe on right foot big toe nail is black & hurts when I walk,& when I try to sleep haha I wont be Jogging. !! Love you & I’m proud of your determanation. Keep up the good work.

    • I am sorry about your hurting your toe. If you start tracking your food in Map My Fitness online and your activity you will find that you can eat more and will be eating healthier. I will come and get you set up with it soon. 🙂

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