Personal Achievements and Goals

I have several things to discuss tonight and some of it might be a bit too much information for some so I am warning you now that you might want to hit your back button and leave. haha

Well, I warned you so if you are still with me here goes. I want to discuss things that I have noticed that have changed since I started working out a few weeks ago. The first thing that I noticed is that my butt no longer jiggles when I run or do zumba. 🙂 I was walking across the parking lot at work this week and noticed that my thighs no longer rub together when I walk. I was so excited about this personal triumph that I pondered if I should have this put on a t-shirt or if I should put a sticker on the bumper of my car to share this news with all of the world! 🙂

Last night I went jogging over at the local park and wore my new watch that tells me how many calories I am burning and how fast my heart rate gets while I work out. I took the advice of some of the women in the Zumba class that run and I downloaded some music to my cell phone and put ear buds in. This really did increase my speed and I was able to burn 1314 calories. It showed on the scale this morning too.

Tonight I wore my watch during Zumba and I burned 1269 calories. For people who don’t really think you can get a good workout from dancing around having a great time with a wonderful group of women you are very wrong. I do enjoy this class but I am surprised to find that I enjoy running even more. I was going jogging after zumba but I realized that it was putting too much of a strain on me so now I only jog on the nights I don’t do Zumba.

Right now the watch that I use is on sale at Amazon. You can find it here.
Pyle Sports PHRM38PN Heart Rate Monitor Watch with Minimum, Average Heart Rate, Calories, Target Zones, Pink

I am using Map My Fitness to keep track of the food that I am eating. It helped me to see what my problem was with my stall. I have a certain pair of jeans that I want to be able to wear before I can say that I have reached my goal weight. Since I am working out I am losing more inches than pounds so my new weight may be higher than it used to be when I could wear these jeans. I am excited to see what it will be.

I am surprised that I am able to laugh and jump around in zumba class with all of the younger girls. I do my best to keep up and shake my butt as well as they do. I think my grandson Caleb would be a bit shocked to see his grandma on the dance floor shaking her butt. Tonight while doing Zumba I thought my daughter would frown at me in shock for doing the routine to Booty Wurk.  hahaha I would still love to shock her by having her go to a class with me. I wonder if I could keep up with her. I think I could. 🙂

So what are your personal achievements and goals?


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