Exercising with a Child

This weekend I was very blessed to have Caleb since Friday. I had to find a way to exercise and include a child. On Friday night I took him to the local park and we played there for a little over an hour. It is amazing how much energy you can burn when you are swinging, climbing ladders and chasing a very energetic 5 year old. 🙂

On Saturday I took him to the local track/football field for 90 minutes. We took a ball with us and we ran all over the field and took turns throwing the ball between the field goal posts. He loves walking around the track and we took trip after trip up and down the stadium seat stairs. I was definitely sweating by the time we got home and he was downright stinky too. He slept very well. 🙂

This morning we talked about the fun we had at the football field and what we want to do next weekend when he comes back. I was very happy to hear him say he wants me to have strawberries and almond milk again next week.

We spent Saturday at my mom’s home having an arts and crafts day. We had a very fun day and he made cards for his new cousin and one for his daddy.  Caleb loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and watching him watch the movie brought memories of his daddy watching them as a child.

We are still reading The Little House in the Big Woods by Laura Ingalls Wilder. We actually made it through all of chapter 2 and part of 3. He does love to ask questions about having to make your own bullets and hunt for your own food. He is so much like his daddy that he loves the idea of raising and hunting your own food. He lives on a farm and he and his daddy are growing a big garden this year. He has a goat and a pig for the 4H fair this summer. He told me he is so excited about showing his animals this year. I am very proud of him and he really is a good little boy.

I am planning my summer trip to Virginia to see my other grandson, Isaiah. I miss that little baby. He has started walking and talking now and has become very independent. He is now only taking one nap a day and keeps his parents on their toes. I am looking forward to chasing him all over the house and having him show me how much he loves his cat.


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