Lets Shake This Up a Bit!!

I have been working out very hard and even though I am losing inches I am not losing weight. I will lose one pound and then the next day the pound is back and the scale doesn’t move again for a couple of weeks only to give it right back again. I know that I am getting healthier. My breathing is clearer and I am getting much stronger.  It is just discouraging to not see the scale move.

Marcia Mason over on Facebook keeps telling me that she has been doing the Jillian Michael’s Shred DVD so I decided to try it. After 5 months of Zumba and 2 months of jogging several miles almost daily I gave the DVD a try tonight. I thought that after all of my workouts that I would be able to just jump right in and take off. That was not true. I watched the level 1 of the DVD last night and knew what was coming. I expected to have great difficulty with the push-ups. I have very little upper body strength. I did not expect to have problems with the exercise that Jillian calls Butt Kicks since I jog so much but I did.

I am going to give this DVD a try for a month and postpone attending Zumba to see if this DVD can jump start my metabolism into weight loss again. The only things that you need to do this DVD are a mat if you are doing this on a hard surface and 2 pound hand weights. I bought walking hand weights so that are soft and have a handle on them so that I can use then when walking too. I have added both of these items in my online store. The DVD is actually cheaper through the amazon store than what I paid for it at Walmart as are the hand weights.

Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred
Empower 2-Pound Pair Soft Walking Weights

I am still using my watch to monitor how many calories that I am burning when I work out. I LOVE this watch. It is currently 61% off through Amazon. I have to admit that I forgot to turn it on tonight when I did the DVD but I did turn it on when I jogged. I have found that my actual calories burned is about twice what Map My Fitness predicts it to be.

Pyle Sports PHRM38PN Heart Rate Monitor Watch with Minimum, Average Heart Rate, Calories, Target Zones, Pink

I still love Map My Fitness. It allows me to track how many calories that I am eating and burning each day. I do not plan on giving up on working out and getting leaner and stronger. I want to be in good enough shape by September 28th to run my first 5K nonstop. That is 3.1 miles without walking. I really want to accomplish this one.

So what are you doing to work out?



4 responses to “Lets Shake This Up a Bit!!

  1. yesterday I taught 1 hour of zumba and today I taught 2 hours. I m subbing for a friend who is on vacation. I’m whooped!

    • Bridget I admire the zumba instructors. It can’t be easy to memorize all of those routines. I know I couldn’t do it.

  2. It’s entirely possible that the reason the scale isn’t moving even when you monitor your diet and work out is that you’re gaining muscle. For a more accurate weight assessment you could also try the scales which measure fat content and water content. ^_^

    Otherwise good luck with your journey! ^_^

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