New First For Me!

I woke up this morning really feeling the soreness in my abs from doing the Jillian Michael’s Shred DVD last night. I guess that really showed me where I need to focus the most. I already knew that though but every time I moved today I was reminded of it. 🙂

When I came home from work today I did the DVD again and this time I wore my calorie burning watch and it showed that I burned 231 calories. Not bad for less than a 30 minute workout. I was able to do some of the moves a bit easier today. I am very sore in my arms and chest from doing the push-ups. I am hoping to get better each day though.

I went to the track as well tonight and this is where the new first for me came into play. Tonight I ran 2.71 miles in the rain and I beat my time for a mile by 2 minutes. YAY me!! I usually run a lap and walk a lap. Tonight I ran an entire mile without stopping for the first time in my life. YAY!!! I checked my watch after I finished my run and it showed that I had burned 659 calories.

I don’t have any big plans for tomorrow other than dying my hair red and making a raspberry cheesecake. I will be doing the DVD again and if it doesn’t ran too hard tomorrow evening I will be running. I won’t rain if it is lightening or a torrential downpour but a little bit of rain is ok.

So what are your plans for tomorrow for eating healthy and keeping up with your workouts?


2 responses to “New First For Me!

  1. well I just got home from dancing for about an hour at a friends birthday party, and tomorrow the local fitness studio is offering a free 90min zumba class so I am going to that. I’ve been invited to a bbq tomorrow, but i’m not sure if I’m going to go since I already have plans to go to the demo durby and fireworks show tomorrow night. Happy 4th

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