Max the Sous Chef

I was making a Red Raspberry Cheesecake  today and as soon as I started I looked down for my trusty Sous Chef, Max. He was ready to assist with anything that I needed.

This stare lasted about 2 minutes and then he changed his plan. He prefers to lay directly in front of the stove so that I might trip and drop food on his head.

I shared another pic of him the other day when he was helping me on Facebook. How on earth can I cook without him there to assist me?


2 responses to “Max the Sous Chef

  1. Awww. . .how cute!! At least he eventually lays down. My dachshunds are always on the alert. . .lol.

    • Daisy seldom even comes into the kitchen when I am cooking. Max watches to see where I am at all times!!! 🙂

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