Lesson Learned

I have to share what happened to me tonight. I haven’t been posting about my daily workouts here but I have been talking about it over on Facebook. I am still jogging and I love it. tonight I ran almost 4 miles and my speed is getting better. I am down to 12.13 minutes per mile. Yay me!! 

As a Diabetic I have found that I am always scouting out public bathrooms and it kills me that there isn’t a bathroom at the track while I am jogging. I go to the bathroom before I leave the house and quite often I need to go again before I even make it the 2 miles to the track. So I have begun to stop by the local Sheetz gas station before I go to the track. Tonight I learned a valuable lesson. 

That lesson is to always take your cell phone with you when you go into a public bathroom. Tonight I had left it in the car when I ran in to use their bathroom. As soon as I stepped into the bathroom stall someone entered the bathroom. I saw a pair of male tennis shoes under the stall wall beside me. I didn’t panic because I know a few women who struggle to find women’s shoes that fit and they are left to always buy men’s shoes. I decided to bend down a bit and quickly saw that the male shoe was  on a male foot attached to a male leg. I quickly got out of the bathroom and didn’t look back. So what would you have done if this had happened to you? 

Also are you exercising? 

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