Last night I was so moved by something that I saw at the track while I was running. A mom came to the track to run with her 4 sons. The three oldest boys were very athletic and were running nonstop around the track. The youngest son appeared to be about 8 or 9 and was a bit overweight and the mom was a bit of overweight herself. They stayed together as they jogged along and at one point the mom wanted to stop. The son said, “No Mom. You can do it. Lets do it together.”

The mom started jogging again but you could tell it was a struggle for her. The son was also struggling but he wasn’t giving up. When they got about ten feet from completing a full lap around the track the mom quit jogging. The son took her by the hand and said, “You can’t stop now. Lets go!” Mom mustered all of the strength that she could and she ran the last ten feet. The son said, “You did it. I knew that you could!” and he high fived her!!

How inspiring and awesome was that? I am so blessed to have witnessed the love and encouragement between these two.


One response to “Inspiring!!

  1. Wow. That is the best. So great that you were able to be inspired by them.

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