Back to the Future

Last night I took Caleb to Valley Park for their movie night. They have a huge inflatable movie screen that they set up on the soccer field and they show free movies every Friday night during the summer. Last night they showed Back to the Future. When we arrived Caleb was so excited to see that they had huge inflatables for him to play in.

Of course no trip to the park is complete without playing on the slides and gym set.

He loved the movie and during the movie he whispered to me. “I love you!” hahaha I know it was because he was really enjoying it but it was sweet to hear. 🙂

We didn’t get home until after 11 and despite the park being less than 5 minutes away he fell asleep on the way home. I had to wake him to get him to walk into the house. He is so tall that he comes up to my chest now. I didn’t get a chance to clean him before he was fast asleep again in my bed. 🙂

I love being a grandma and I am so blessed that Stephen and Kristin share him with me as much as they do. 🙂


2 responses to “Back to the Future

  1. That is so fun. I’m sure he’ll remember this fondly when he is older.

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