Meal Plan For Tomorrow

I have been planning my meals ahead of time and trying to keep my calorie intake to between 1300 and 1400 a day on days that I run and my carbs under 50.  I made Cranberry Pecan Muffins to enjoy for breakfast this week. I froze one dozen muffins for next week too.

I have made chicken salad to have for lunch and of course I can’t go a day without my low carb yogurt from Krogers.

For dinner I am making Diet Pepsi Pot Roast in my slow cooker. I have also added that recipe to Map My Fitness. My meals for tomorrow will break down like this. The carb count noted below are net carbs after I removed the fiber from the equation.



  • Chicken Salad– 160.3 calories, 2 carbs
  • Heiner’s 35 wheat bread- 70 calories, 11 carbs
  • Low carb Black Forest Cake Yogurt- 60 calories, 4 carbs


  • Dr Pepper Pot Roast– 506.3 calories, .04 carbs
  • Green beans- 40 calories, 4 carbs
  • Strawberries- 49 calories, 9 carbs

Total calories for the day- 1303.3

Total net carbs for the day- 40.64


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