I Got This!

I had to go out of town overnight yesterday to Ohio. I was to have training for work and I was a bit worried when I received the itinerary for the 2 day course and saw that certain meals were mandatory to attend. I about panicked thinking what was I going to do if there was nothing there to eat. I emailed the man in charge of the training and asked, “I am sorry to bother you but I am a Diabetic and need to eat a certain way. I know that the dinner is mandatory to attend and was wondering what the meal would consist of. I need to plan if I will need to bring my own food.”

The man answered back very quickly that I would be fine and that the dinner would consist of salad, vegetable and meat. The breakfast that would be provided the next morning would include eggs, bacon, sausage and fresh fruit. The lunch that they would provide would include a salad bar, chicken, salmon and pork roast. He said if I had any needs while I was there to let him know and that they would accommodate me. I assured him that I was used to preparing to take care of my own Diabetic needs but it was nice of him to offer.

Well let me tell you they spoiled me rotten these past 2 days. The food was fabulous and it was such a relief not to have to worry about not having healthy food to eat. I have worked too many places that only provide pizza or subs for lunches. These are not healthy. I would always have to bring my own lunch while everyone else ate the pizza that smelled so good I would want to scream at the injustice of it all.

After the fabulous dinner the majority of the people attending the training hit the bar. I went to my room and changed into workout clothes and hit the gym that the hotel provided. I loved this gym. I used a bicycle, treadmill, stair climber and hand-weights. I was able to go back to the room and relax after a nice shower. I slept like a baby. Lets just say that when I was enjoying my breakfast this morning I was happy with my low carb meal. The company that I work for went all out to provide a very nice experience for all of the agents. I really do love my job and I think I have finally found a place where I can juggle eating healthy, working out and earning a living and being HAPPY!




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