Isaiah and his Dog-dog

Last week I went to Virginia to visit my daughter Samantha and her family. Isaiah is now 14 months old and I haven’t seen him and held him since she was in for his birthday in June. Two months is entirely too long for a grandma to go without holding him. My sister, Donna and her husband went too and we had a wonderful time.

Samantha made me feel very special and even made me a special bed with pink princess sheets. I felt very special. πŸ™‚

Isaiah was the highlight of the entire trip. I miss that little guy so badly. I wish that they lived closer. Donna and I planned all of our meals for when we went down there and took large bags of food with us since we are both Diabetics. Isaiah kept removing all of the items out of the bags and playing with them. He spent a lot of time taking each item out and inspecting them one by one.

On Friday, Samantha took us to Wholefoods and to Trader Joes. We don’t have either of these stores here in WV and I was in love with both of them. I will talk more about these stores later in the week. This post is all about Isaiah. πŸ™‚

On Saturday morning we all went to the park. Isaiah loved crawling around on the ground and exploring. He really liked the texture of the moss along the walking trail.

I am very glad that Samantha lets him crawl around on the ground and get dirty. All kids need to get a bit dirty.

We spent some time in the playground area too. He loved climbing the stairs and going down the slide. As soon as we would get to the bottom he would take me by the finger and escort me back to the stairs to do it again. He is learning to talk and he would say, “do again”.

In the evening we went to Target and Isaiah found something that he could not live without. This was so precious.

Samantha let him out of the buggy and he walked around the toy section. He found a very large stuffed dog that he latched onto and kept dragging it down the aisle. He kept saying, “dog-dog, dog-dog” When Samantha would try to put it back on the shelf he would grab it back and walk it down the aisle saying, “dog-dog, dog-dog”. What is a grandma to do? I had to buy it for him. πŸ™‚

No one else is allowed to touch this dog. This is his dog-dog and he loves it with all of his heart. The cat even tried to lay on it and he quickly reclaimed it.

On Sunday morning he was in his room and he kept saying, “Momma. Momma” I went to the door to see what he was doing and this is what I found. He has claimed this beautiful straining pot as his own and it has been in his room for weeks. He was sitting in it and had a Spiderman baseball bat in his mouth. When I laughed he laughed too.

I had the best time. He would come up to me and throw his little arms around my legs and give me the best hugs. A few minutes before I left he said, “Gammaw” for the first time. I hated to leave so badly that I kept putting it off and ended up not getting home until after 1AM last night and in bed by 2. I am dragging today but it was so worth it. I am already trying to figure out when I will get to see Samantha and her wonderful little family again.

On Sunday morning we went to church with them. This is a new church for them. Ben has been working there since last fall I believe. He is very happy there and when we met the parishioners I was very impressed. She has a very nice family in Christ to grow in his word. Isaiah has a safe environment to learn that Jesus loves him too.

This has been why I have been away from the blog and Facebook quite a bit over the last few days. I will share my low carb menu from my trip with you tomorrow.

Oh and because I can’t leave Caleb out either. He was with his parents in Ohio at Kings Island. The child is fearless and having the time of his life. He rode every ride that was available to him. His shirt says it all.


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