Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s

While we were in Virginia Samantha took us to both Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s to shop for organic items. I loved being able to search labels and I found a few items that I really liked. I would be so happy if we had either of these stores in WV. I was able to stock up on Marinara Sauce that is only 5 carbs per serving. I will be sharing new recipes over the next couple of weeks that will focus on many of the new items that we found.

One of the items that we found at Whole Foods were Doctor Kitchen Flackers. These are flax seed crackers that come in many different flavors. I bought the savory flavor and these were very spicy but good. They are not low in calories but they are only 1 net carb per cracker. These would be very good used with a cheesy dip. The possibilities are endless.

Another snack cracker that we bought at Whole Foods were Go Raw Flax Snax. We bought 3 different flavors but I have only tasted the pizza flavor so far. I did enjoy them. These are 22 crackers for only 5 net carbs.

Trader Joe’s was an absolute dream to shop at. We actually went there on Friday and stopped at it again on Sunday on our way home. Their vegetables are all organic and are priced very well. We found Almond Meal there at only $3.99 a pound. We really stocked up on this. It freezes very well so I will be enjoying this for quite some time. I haven’t tried it yet so I can’t compare the taste to Honeyville yet. My mom made me a bunch of muffins of different flavors but I don’t know which almond flour that she used. I need to ask her. They were so good. See? My mom loves me!!


There will be more recipes to come using all of the wonderful organic low carb foods that we were able to find in Virginia. I am excited.


6 responses to “Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s

  1. i love trader joes almond meal i always mix it with freshly grated parm cheese and a mix of spices when i bread things it tastes great. I do use almond flour when i bake stuff though.

    • I am so glad to hear that. My sister said that they haven’t used the almond flour from there yet. It looks a bit different but it does look healthy. I am excited to try it.

  2. it does look different cause i think it still has the brownish skin color on it and they just grind it up and not as fine as the flourits actually almond meal

    • I think it would make a very grainy textured bread similar to the ones I bought pre-low carb. I think I will love it. 🙂

  3. Love Trader’s Joe`s. Have used their almond meal, I make your muffins with the almond meal.Not as fine of a grind as almond flour,but can not beat price. They have great selection of nuts & cheese.
    Whole foods is also great, they have so much takes awhile to look at everything.
    Make a list for each store, saves time.

    • I think it would take me several hours to shop at Whole Foods and be able to read labels and make my choices. 🙂

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