Bathrooms in Rural West Virginia

I have been working in rural areas of West Virginia for a year now and have had quite an experience finding public restrooms to use. You can drive for an hour before finding a restaurant, store or gas station that has a public restroom. One of my favorite moments in a public restroom was in Alkol, WV. I don’t have a picture to share with you but I do have a story. 🙂

I had been driving for some time and I finally approached an Exxon station with a public restroom on the outside of the building. There was a sign on the door that said to get the key from the cashier inside the store area of this little convenience mart. I have gotten to know these very nice people over the last year while stopping in to buy mixed nuts and diet A&W Rootbeer and of course to use their restroom.

The first time that I stopped here I entered this little restroom and as soon as the door closed behind me I heard, “HISSSSSSSSSS”. I immediately froze and started looking around the room without moving even my head. I was looking for a snake and hoping and praying that I would be able to get back out of this room without getting bitten by this snake.

After about 3 minutes of not moving at all I began to notice that this little restroom was very clean and if I were going to die that day that at least I wouldn’t die of sepsis and it smelled amazing pretty for a public restroom. That was when I noticed the air freshener dispenser that was controlled by a motion sensor hanging on the wall just inside the door. hahahaha That was the HISSSS!!

Over the next few months I began branching out to even more rural areas of West Virginia and not all bathrooms were as nice as the little Exxon in Alkol. For instance, I was in Danville, WV and needed to use the restroom at the GoMart. This restroom was also located on the outside of the building and required that I obtain the key from the cashier. When I entered this bathroom I was horrified by what I saw. The room smelled very strongly of cleanser and it was evident that someone was trying to clean this bathroom but this is what I found.

Why yes that is a block of wood on the back of the toilet. 🙂 The first time that I went to this restroom I was riding with a co-worker and even though she didn’t need to go to the restroom I made her go look. hahaha This one actually looks worse than it was. It was just very old and needed painted very badly. Surely GoMart can afford a can of paint.

I will leave you with a picture that I just find funny. This picture is from the restroom in the Hardees restaurant in Chapmanville, WV. Apparently they take toilet paper theft VERY Seriously!! haha

I have also found that two convenient marts in Lincoln County that do not have locks on their public restroom doors. I have not been brave enough to use these restrooms. I do keep a roll of toilet paper in the car and if need be I can march into the woods at any given moment. Luckily I have not had to resort to that yet. Perhaps that is why Hardees has to keep their TP under lock and key!! hahaha


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