Vintage Pyrex

I have a weakness when it comes to Vintage Pyrex. I occasionally drop into different Goodwill’s or Salvation Army stores to look for kitchen items that I find interesting. This week I scored this lovely vintage 1970’s Golden Butterfly Butter Dish for only $1.98. This baby is definitely mine!!

It doesn’t have a scratch or chip on it anywhere. I love this thing. 🙂 If you want more information on vintage pyrex you can learn about the different styles and colors here. Vintage Pyrex

Last week at this same Salvation Army I scored a vintage nut chopper that had never been used for $1.98. My mother had one when I was growing up and I already had a brown one but you can never have too many nut choppers. 🙂

I did some searching and this brand of nut chopper is from the mid-century. I can’t believe that I found one that had never been used before. Now I have a brown one for pecans and a white one for walnuts. 🙂

Last week I also found a vintage almond loaf bread keeper from Tupperware. I had one before I had my children and someone borrowed it and I never got it back from them. I have already used it twice in the last week making the paleo rye bread. I would like to find some of these vintage Tupperware shakers along the way.

My real love in the kitchen are my family, followed closely by Pyrex! haha Is it wrong that I love Pyrex so much? I can search for it and if it is a great deal I actually use it. I know it is vintage but I don’t buy anything that I don’t plan on using often.

What do you collect and use?


9 responses to “Vintage Pyrex

  1. We have quit a collection of divided baking dishes like the one I saw on your blog, we have an assorted designs and brands and colors.

    • That is wonderful. I love my divided dishes. They have come in handy so many times when half of the people want something special added to the recipe. 🙂

  2. I purchased the exact same nut chopper at Walmart brand new 2 months ago. I don’t think yours is vintage but I love the pyrex and Tupperware. I have what is now vintage pyrex that was wedding and shower gifts more than 40 years ago and also some from my grandmother. I use it all the time. I love thrift store shopping!

    • You are so correct Susan. I compared the new one to my older brown one and the brown one is the vintage one. It has measurements etched in the glass and has an emblem on the bottom of it. The new white one doesn’t. Now I at least know where to go to get them for my daughters home. Thank you so much. 🙂

  3. Elaine Mitchell

    I have a wide selection of cast iron, but I have never purchsed one piece.It has come from relatives and friends. My MIL was a Goodwill junkie (pun intended)!

    • Elaine you are very blessed. I have 3 cast iron pans but I can’t use them right now because I have a flat top stove. 😦

  4. I love Pyrex and I love dishes of all kinds! Especially retro style. 🙂 I just saw a butter dish like yours sell for around $14! You got a wonderful deal!

  5. No! Not wrong to love Pyrex!! There are several patterns that I like, but the Golden Butterfly pattern is my favorite of all. Great find!

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