Low Carb Cobbler In A Cup!

I have shared this recipe over on Facebook several times but felt that I should give a link to it here on the blog too. I had a wonderful dinner of Roasted Chicken, broccoli and deviled eggs for dinner tonight but was craving something sweet to go along with it so I made this one serving cobbler. I have made this many times before and used a variety of flavors of Sugar Free Jelly and each flavor has always been wonderful. I add 1 teaspoon of carob drops and 1 teaspoon of roasted chopped pecans to the batter portion prior to cooking. I also top it with Splenda when I turn it over onto a saucer and add whipped cream from a can.

I talked my mom into making this a few weeks ago and she loved it. My step-father said that he could easily have this 3 meals a day. 🙂

You can find the recipe here- Low Carb Layla- Cobbler in a mug

11 responses to “Low Carb Cobbler In A Cup!

  1. I just made this and it is WONDERFUL. At 7 carbs, I will have to have it for breakfast though. I only have 20 carbs a day and I rarely have 7 left over for dessert but this would make a mighty fine breakfast for me. I did not use whipped topping but that is ok, I don’t think I missed it. Thanks for sharing. I love “cup/minute” recipes… so quick.

    • I am so glad that you liked it. We have been talking about this recipe over on Facebook for months now. Have you joined us over there yet? Did you have the carob drops or did you make it using the original recipe?

      • The original because I have never had carob drops. To be honest with you I have no idea if I have joined you over there or not.. I will look tomorrow though and if not, I will. I enjoyed it very much… again thank you.

      • Quick question if you don’t mind. What is the calorie count and protein count in one of these? Thank you

      • I actually did the nutritional information on this to add it to my Map My Fitness page. You can see all of the nutritional information about half way down the page in a white box.

        Nutritional Information

      • Thank you.
        I have to share with you what I did this morning with this recipe.
        Instead of adding preserves or anything like that I added a little
        pineapple sugar free flavoring syrup and about a Tbs unsweetened
        coconut flakes and it was very good for breakfast. I think I might
        try sugar free peach syrup next time (I also have sugar free caramel syrup, too, that might work) Experimentation here we come 😉
        Thanks for sharing such a wonderful recipe… Yummmmmmm

      • Oh that sounds very good. Where do you get your flavored syrups? How many carbs are in them?

      • DaVinci – sugar free Pineapple = 2T — 0 calories — 0 fat — 10 sodium — 0 carbs — 0 sugar — 0 protein (I believe I got them from Amazon – not sure anymore)

        Natural unsweetened coconut = 1/2 c (I only used about a tablespoon (T) though) — 186 calories — 18 fat — 10 sodium — 2 net carbs (7 carbs and 5 fiber) — 2 protein (those numbers are for 1/2 c of coconut)

      • Thank you for providing the information. I have some of the sugar free caramel flavor. I will have to try that soon. 🙂

      • Oh I don’t want to hog your comments page but you HAVE to try this recipe with banana sugar free syrup and nuts. I was aiming for banana nut bread flavor and while it did not taste like genuine banana nut bread, it was WONDERFUL in its own flavor. I used cut up cashews because I did not have almonds today. I had sunflower seeds but I like the cashews in it. I know they are higher in carbs but I did not need to use many.

      • I am so glad to see your excitement over this recipe. If I can find this flavor of syrup here locally I will give it a try. 🙂

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