Caleb Of The Corn!!

Saturday night Caleb spent the night with me and I had the best time. Saturday morning my sister, Donna and her husband came to visit. They have been such a blessing to me. They are helping me make a few changes around here and making plans to make my home mine.

Saturday evening we all went to the Cooper Family Farm Corn Maze. This was our first time attending the maze and we had a great time. It took us 2 hours to complete it and while we were walking through I said, “This is great. We should do this every year!” Caleb said, “Oh no we won’t!” hahahaha He really did enjoy his time there. He told me Sunday morning that he doesn’t want to do it now but he would probably want to do it again in a month. hahaha

I think the picture below is him trying to think of which way we should turn within the maze!

After we left the maze we went to Fat Patty’s to eat. I love that they have low carb options on their menu. I had the Vampire Killer Burger without the bun and a side salad. Caleb loved being able to see football on big televisions all around him. 🙂

On Sunday morning he asked me to take him on a walk to the local Elementary School. I love that he enjoys doing physical things and eating healthy. He just makes me smile all the time.


2 responses to “Caleb Of The Corn!!

  1. Im so proud of you. At 313 pounds I feel pretty hopeless right now. I know low carb works but I just can’t get motivated. I pray to Jesus every day to help me and I am not willing to quit eating. Thanks for all your wonderful posts.

    Sonja in Florida

    • Welcome to the blog. You can do it too Sonja. We are all here for you. Are you with us on the Facebook page? It is a great place to get the extra support and encouragement. How can we all help you?

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