Pumpkin Festival Parade 2013

This morning in the pouring rain I attended the Pumpkin Festival Parade in Milton, WV to see Caleb and his parents ride the float for the local preschool. Caleb was very happy and despite the rain and the cool temperatures he was all smiles. This float won two trophies.

My beautiful daughter-in-law, Kristin works there and is such an amazing person. She loves the children so much.

Kristin’s brother was driving the truck pulling the float and Stephen was with him. Every picture that I took of Stephen his eyes were closed so I don’t have any to share. The children were having so much fun running for candy that was being thrown from all of the floats.

Recently we had a man who was dressed up as Batman enter a burning home and he saved a cat. He walked through the parade holding the cat for much of it.

This van was very interesting. She has stickers covering every inch of it. She was pulling a small trailer behind it too.

Look at the size of this bucket of KFC chicken!

ROTC from the local high school. I am so proud of them.

I love Cabell Midland’s band.





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