I have to make another confession. I am addicted to sweaters and blazers. I could have an entire closet full of sweaters. I can’t seem to stop myself when I pass a Goodwill or Salvation Army because I know that they will have so many beautiful unwanted and unloved sweaters within their walls. I could easily have an entire closet of just sweaters. I am guessing that the new dresser will contain sweaters but I am not entirely sure yet.

I had a vision of what the dresser would look like but I did a test sample of the colors on a paint mixing stick and I quickly realized that it wasn’t going to work. I am glad that I hadn’t wasted my time on actually putting those colors on the dresser first. I quickly made a change and it will be more neutral and will work in any room or house when it is finished. It would be a wonderful dresser for sweaters but I am not entirely sure yet.

Last week I was talking to my mother on the phone in a rural area of West Virginia when I told her that I was entering their Goodwill but I would refrain from buying sweaters. hahaha She knew that wasn’t going to happen. I bought one for her, one for my daughter and 3 for myself. hahaha

I just love sweaters. Since losing the weight I am always cold and sweaters are perfect for wearing when going from home to home for work. What is your one item that you can’t seem to say no to?

3 responses to “Sweaters

  1. I found your blog a few days ago and I’m so excited. Your recipes look marvelous and I have already made the Beef Enchildia Casserole. It was so delicous. My story is similar to yours. I’m losing weight after finding out I’m pre diabectic. Thank you

    • I am so sorry that I didn’t respond sooner. Welcome to the page Kathy. I am very glad that you liked the Beef Enchilada Casserole. That is one of my favorites. How are you doing with controlling your Diabetes doing low carb?

      • So far I am doing o.k., I have lost 25 lbs. and need to lose 40 more. I haven’t had another blood test so I don’t know my numbers yet but I do feel much better.

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