Caleb’s Energy!

Caleb spent the night last night and he was a big bundle of energy from the time he entered my door until about 5 minutes before I gave him back to his Mommy today. When he arrived last night his parents stayed and had dinner with us. I made  Marina Sauce Over Roasted Spaghetti Squash and Roasted Zucchini. They really enjoyed this. I was a bit worried what Caleb would say about it but he seemed very pleased with it.

After dinner his parents left and Caleb asked to do Yoga with me. He brought out the yoga mat and he was very good at Planking!

After Yoga we brought out the games. We played Pass The Pigs, Go Fish and I taught him how to play Triominos.  They are like Dominos but they are shaped in triangles. He really enjoyed this game and the fact that he beat me didn’t hurt either. haha When we counted the dots on the triominos he had no idea I was really teaching him to add. 🙂

Caleb found my poker kit and was intrigued by all of the chips. I figured that I could teach him to play 21 and this would be another opportunity to teach him to count. As we were walking out of my bedroom he saw my visors on the dresser so I told him that some people wore those when they dealt the cards to play poker so he grabbed one.

Did I mention that he won at 21 too? What is with this kid? He wins at anything he plays!!

This morning I heard him waking up and jump out of bed. He ran into the living room and I yelled and asked him what he was doing. He yelled he was getting ready to go to Camden Park (amusement park). He was so excited. I barely kept him calm until we left to go. He had a lot of fun. My sister, Donna had won tickets and she gave them to us to enjoy. I do believe that we definitely did just that!

On the drive home I asked him if I could take a nap. He said, “That isn’t necessary! You are driving and we would wreck! Can I take a nap?” I said yes and literally 5 seconds later I looked back and this is what I saw. I was so glad to be at a stop light so that I could get this picture.

When his mommy got him from me she carried him from my car to hers and he never woke up. Poor baby had such an exhaustive 24 hours with me. I do believe that he enjoyed himself. What do you think?



2 responses to “Caleb’s Energy!

  1. Aren’t they lovely? I happen to be raising mine (7yrs) and I find I need a nap more times than not lol. Looks like he had a wonderful time and I am sure you will sleep very well tonight.

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