I Am Such A Hypocrite!!

Today I went to my local Kroger for groceries and this is what I came home with.

What you see is low carb yogurt, Gouda cheese, Strawberries, unsweetened coconut, chia seeds, flax meal and cage free- grain fed eggs. What you don’t see is another item that I hid in my buggy so that others couldn’t see. I was on the phone with my sister, Donna and she was giving me suggestions on how to get this scandalous item through the store and through the check out line without anyone spotting this item in my cart. What is this hypocritical item you ask?

Well this is the conversation that I had with my grandson, Caleb last Saturday morning after he spent the night. I normally have no problem getting him to eat my healthy food but for some reason he suddenly didn’t want to that morning. This is our conversation.

Me: What do you want for breakfast? I have sausage and eggs, french toast (using low carb bread and sugar free syrup), bacon and eggs with cinnamon toast?

Caleb: No. Lets go to McDonalds.

Me: No we can’t go to McDonalds for breakfast. What would you like for me to make you this morning?

Caleb: Do you have Fruit Loops?

Me: No. I have sausage and eggs, french toast, bacon and eggs with cinnamon toast. Which would you like for breakfast?

Caleb: Can we go to McDonalds?

Me: No. Not today.

Caleb: Do you have any of those things that are on a stick and it is pancake on the outside and sausage in the middle? I LOVE those!!

Me: No I don’t have those but I promise to get them for here and you can have those the next time that you come to my house. But for this morning you have to have something here.

Caleb: What did you have for breakfast?

Me: I had a hot cereal with strawberries in it.

Caleb: I will have that today but do you promise to have the pancakes on a stick with the sausage in the middle for next time?

Me: I promise.

And he got up and had the hot cereal with strawberries. Today this horrible unhealthy item ended up in my grocery cart because in a moment of weakness I caved and made a promise to an adorable 5 year old that has stolen my heart.

I should be flogged publicly!!! hahaha


6 responses to “I Am Such A Hypocrite!!

  1. Oh, those little ones have a way of talking us into these things! lol

  2. A better alternative to “flogging” would be to make a healthy version and have them in the freezer next time (save the box if ya havta lol) My little man (grandson (7) who lives with me) does not care for the healthy train at all (bad habits from previous environment) so I sneak in what I can where I can until it is established and I can tell him… “honey, you have been eating this for 2 months…” *wink* He has no idea (or has not made known that he noticed) I replaced his cow milk with almond milk. I pour it in a pretty glass jar and place it in the fridge. His pancakes are low carb and the syrup is sugar free but he knows he has pancakes. You made good choices and the pancake wraps are not for you so it’s not exactly bad. I fully understand about the promises to the little guys. (ya know.. come to think of it, he has not asked for fast food in a couple of months. Guess he got tired of hearing no lol)

    • I haven’t bought regular milk in many months. Caleb loves almond milk too. I have wooden skewers. I wonder how I can get low carb pancake batter to stick to the sausage links? hahaha He eats so well when he is here. The night before he had the Roasted Spaghetti Squash with Roasted Zucchini with Marinara Sauce and he loved it. He loves all of the fruit and veggies and he hasn’t turned anything done since he was 3 when it came to new recipes. This one morning he wanted junk food. I guess it is all in moderation. No matter what he is getting sugar free syrup!! haha

  3. hmmmm sausage with a lo carb pancake (one side cooked – the side that goes against the sausage) then baked…….. I (being the bacon nut I am) would do sausage, cooked lo carb pancake, then wrapped in bacon to secure it *grin* I, however, am spared this because I don’t like pancakes and my little man gets sausage wraps for breakfast at school…. (have you noticed the school menu??? YIKES!)
    I don’t worry too awfully much about it though because the meds he takes makes him not want to eat much and he gets hungry at home so he gets loaded with good stuff here. He does take a bottle of almond milk with a touch of sugar free choco syrup in it to go with breakfast so that he does not drink the milk at school. He drinks water at lunch (yes, by choice… I am so proud of him!)
    And yes, all in moderation but in my case, I had to totally eliminate it because it was a very bad habit that had to be broken before we could get anywhere. Before he came to me he went several years without veggies. You read it right… it was awful! It was McDs and BK and Sonic (ALL minus the lettuce tomato and pickles) oh and box cheese pizza or cold hot dog weiners *gag* Coming to my place was a shock to his poor little system… rules AND good food and a requirement to actually get up and go to school. He is honor roll now and doing wonderfully…. the other stuff we are making slow but sure progress on. Some nights he will just say no to the meat and eat green beans and broccoli (or similar). I never tell him no to that. Maybe one day he will be more like your little Caleb and be more open minded about food but right now I am proud of where we have come to in this year and a couple of months.

    • Awe he sounds wonderful. I think school is where my Caleb was introduced to these sausage/pancake things in the first place. He told me his first week of school that his favorite part of his new school was that he got to have chocolate milk every single day at school. I know that his parents feed him well. They raise their own pigs and have a large garden. They canned a lot of veggies this year to be in control of what they were eating and avoiding GMOs. He is only in kindergarten and the school is quickly introducing unhealthy food. You are doing a fabulous job of introducing your little one to healthy food. I am sure he is very happy to be with you.

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