Pantry Challenge

I periodically do this myself when I want to save money for something. Right now I am trying to save up money for 2 large expenses that are coming up soon. The challenge for everyone is to eat out of your pantry as much as possible over the next 4 weeks. This will get you to right before Thanksgiving. This can also help you save money for Christmas gifts.

The challenge is to eat out of your pantry as much as possible. Set a limit of a certain amount of money for your groceries each week. If you have a large family and generally spend $200 a week for groceries try setting a limit of $70- $100 per week. If you are single like I am your weekly budget can be much smaller. I will be setting myself at $30 per week. That includes personal hygiene products as well as cleaning products.

I have plenty of meat in my freezer so I won’t have to purchase that often. I will come back tomorrow to share my meal plans for the week using items out of my pantry. I will also do my weekly grocery shopping tomorrow as well and I will be doing my best to stay under budget.

So who is in?

7 responses to “Pantry Challenge

  1. I,m in . I really am running short this week . thanks for the challenge. Janice

  2. Count me in, too. I need to use up some of the stuff I have on hand before buying more. Being lazy, I follow the low carb dinner meals. Breakfast is a Body Fortress Protein Shake. Lunch is leftovers, salad with meat and cheese, or a low carb roll up. I live alone, am 72 years young, and love your recipes. You are an inspiration to me.

    • Susan you have inspired me in so many ways. I love that you are 72 years young!! For many people old age is a state of mind. I plan to always be 15 years younger than old age is. 🙂

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