Challenge Week 1

I have planned to make two new recipes this week and still remain on track to spend less than $30 per week on groceries. This includes taking my lunch for work each day and eating breakfast at home each day. No eating out unless I take that cost of the meal out of my weekly budget. No cheating here ladies.

This week I plan to make the following meals. I hit the grocery store yesterday and I bought everything that I needed to do this for only $27.64. Whoohoo!! I had all of the meat except for the chicken to make the Coq au Riesling!

Sunday- baked hen- Use left over chicken to make chicken salad for lunch all week
Monday- Nigel Slater’s Coq au Riesling- new recipe to come
Tuesday- left overs
Wednesday- Meatloaf

Thursday- leftovers
Friday- leftovers
Saturday- Ham and Cheese Soup

Dessert- coconut milk breakfast custard- new recipe to come

For breakfasts I am having the recipe for the “Oatmeal” I love this stuff and it NEVER spikes my glucose. Usually my glucose levels 2 hours after eating it are less than 95. Can I get a double WHOOHOO WHOOHOO?? I also have some Cranberry Pecan Muffins in my freezer if I want a change.

For lunches I will have chicken salad on low carb Heiner’s 35 wheat bread. It is only 11 carbs per sandwich. I love this stuff. I have Carb Master Black Forest Cake Yogurt for my lunches too.  This yogurt is addictive and only 4 carbs per 6 ounce container.

I have plenty of vegetables to enjoy this week. I will be having broccoli, green beans, tomatoes and cabbage. I plan to make a big pan of cabbage with bacon and parmesan cheese.

So what are you eating and how are you maintaining your glucose without breaking the bank this week?


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