Sunday At My Home!!

I had a very good day today. Donna and David came and we helped each other with things that we couldn’t do independently. I can not get Max in the bathtub or cut his nails by myself. I am so happy to say that Max is now clean and his nails are clipped. Yay!!

They also helped me to rearrange my living room to something new for me. I needed the change and I love it. I have been wanting to do this for several weeks. I am trying to get a very low key divorce with very little drama. That doesn’t seem to be happening but I am praying daily for God to not allow me to become bitter or filled with hatred. I am not allowing myself to think about the things that I am losing. I am instead thinking of the many ways in which God has blessed me. Donna and David are two of those very special blessings in my life.

We made a very good dinner together. Donna made a wonderful broccoli casserole. I made a butternut squash using the homemade low carb brown sugar. David and I LOVED this. Donna thought it was okay. I also made a roasted hen with garlic, thyme and olive oil. It was very tender. I am enjoying these Sundays where we get together and get things accomplished.

Life is good. God is in control and he is making a way for me to be happy and healthy and to feel his love daily.

4 responses to “Sunday At My Home!!

  1. Your Sunday sounds wonderful and lunch sounds delicious. Glad you had a good day of fellowship. Hang in there!

  2. You are indeed blessed to have such good friends. Remember, you cannot control other people’s behavior, only your own. Continue to lean on God.

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