I need to do a Public Service Announcement for everyone. NEVER EVER give your Social Security Number to a stranger over the phone. A senior that I absolutely adore and she is one of my clients called me today very upset. She unfortunately fell for a scam of someone calling her stating to be from an official source needing to process a medical order from her physician.

The Social Security Administration will NEVER EVER call you unsolicited and request your Social Security number from you. They already know it.

One rule to remember is this: If you didn’t call the person yourself never trust that the person on the other end of the phone is who they say that they are unless you personally know them.

There are people out there that will take advantage of you. You don’t necessarily have to be a senior but unfortunately it seems that there are many people who prey on our seniors. This is something that makes my blood boil. So please please please!! NEVER EVER give your Social Security Number to anyone that you do not know over the phone. Protect yourself!!


One response to “NEVER EVER!!!

  1. The seniors are a target because they were raised in a time when trust was a healthy thing and worry about such scams was not like it is now. They (as a general rule – especially in my experience) still have not overcome that unquestioning trust. Being raised in different times. Also, some are not in a position to follow up with research to find what is truth and what is scam. I am sorry for your client and what she went through. I hope nothing bad comes from it and that it will be enough of a lesson learned.

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