Chest- Before and After

I have finally finished the chest of drawers that I have been working on for several weeks.  I am in love with it. I am still not positive what I plan to do with it yet but for now it is in the guest room beside the bed. I have had to change plans for the finished product for this dresser several times. This has been a challenge but I enjoyed it along the way.

To give you a background on the chest this is what it looked like before. I called it a dresser on the prior post about them but it isn’t a dresser. It is a chest of drawers.


This was the dresser when I bought it. You can’t see all of the damage to it from this picture. I will show you better pictures to show you what it REALLY looked like.

Apparently this belonged to a child because look at what was scratched into the wood.

I failed to take a picture of all of the crayon and marker that was scribbled inside the drawers but this is what the inside of the dresser looks like now.  A co-worker suggested that I do stenciling inside the drawers and I am hooked on stenciling now. This just made it my style inside and out.

Edited to Add: I did find a picture of the inside of the drawer. This is it.

I added a wooden medallion to the center of the top drawer. I bought this at Lowes but have since found that Michaels and Hobby Lobby have a much larger assortment of wooden medallions to choose from. Live and learn.

First I sanded the dresser and used wood filler to fill in all of the scratches. Then I used contractor grade primer and put two coats of this on the dresser. I added the medallion with wood glue and allowed it to dry before painting. I wanted a certain shade of brown for the top and inside of the drawers. I love this shade of brown. I can’t tell you the shade because what I did was go into Lowes and I told them that I wanted the shade of brown that was used on a banner in their display. The very nice lady in the paint department took the display apart and put it under the scanner and they custom mixed my paint for me. 🙂

I struggled with the shade of the wash that I put on the dresser. First I took a sample piece of wood and painted it white and tried various shades of brown to add a wash to the wood. I was never happy with any of them. Then I made a wash out of the brown that I used on the top and that was a disaster. It turned purple when I added it to the white portions. I thought that I had a picture of it saved but apparently I deleted it from my phone.  Just believe me that it was purple and horrible. haha

Edited to Add Later- I found the picture of the dresser when it was purple. Here it is. Now can you see why I had to do it over?

Before I finally ended up with the colors that I have now I ran into a couple of glitches. The drawer pulls on the dresser had to be replaced. I measured them and thought they were 3 inch pulls but they weren’t. I had decided that I wanted these pulls.

I found them on Lowes website and they said my local store had 14 and since I only needed 10 I went immediately to their store to get them. When I got there they told me that they had misplaced them and that there was no way that I could get them. The website said they were on sale from $5.99 to 89 cents each. The store was telling me that if I bought them at the store I would have to pay $2.98 each so I came home and ordered them through the Lowes website. Guess what? They were actually shipped from my local store and they were only 89 cents each. Apparently someone found them and I got a good deal! Yay me!! I was so happy.

However, my joy was short lived when I discovered that the holes in the drawers did not match up with the 3 inch drawer pulls. So I had to fill the old holes and borrow a drill from my brother-in-law and made new holes. Then I re-sanded the chest and redid all of the steps of painting with primer and painting it with Ivory Lace paint to get this result.

To get the wash I cheated. I read on a blog that many people use shoe polish to get the desired look on their wood and that is what I did. I used brown kiwi shoe polish. If you decide to do this you need to be prepared to do it quickly. The shoe polish dries and is absorbed into the wood almost instantly. The end result was exactly what I wanted. I added the hardware and this is what I got.


10 responses to “Chest- Before and After

  1. ❤ it! How very talented you are!!!

  2. You did a great job!! I’m really impressed…what patience that must have taken :). Love it, beautiful!

  3. You did a great job. What a lot of work but you really have a nive ppiece of furniture and the chest of drawers has a brand new life. Just like you.

  4. I am so so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks great. Thank you for sharing. I have been wondering for a while how it would turn out. You did such a good job and you will look at this and feel joy each time knowing you did so well. (the purple would have gone in my room lol) This is so nice…. happy you got the handles for so cheap. YAY!!!

    • I do love it. My sister, Donna said she liked the purple too and would have used it. She said Purple is her favorite color but it won’t work for my color scheme in my home. I lean more toward French Country. I may have to create something purple for her in the future when I happen to find another piece of furniture screaming to be redone!! Thank you for the compliment. 🙂

  5. “Great Job” I also like purple & have a purple room but don’t have any room left.I know you will enjoy this in your home, You are good at crafty things & I’m waiting for you to do something with Tole Painting like you use to do, something that will knock our socks off.!! hahaha I will be waiting.!

    • So Mom… Tell me. Do you fold your socks or roll them? You should be folding your socks. Rolling stretches out the tops and take up more room in the drawer. hahaha

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