Pumpkin Flan- Sort Of

This was more like pudding but the blog that I found the recipe on she called it flan.  I love her blog and have made a few of her recipes but this is one of my favorites now. I did make several changes to it for several reasons. Real Flan naturally produces a caramel syrup but since we aren’t cooking with sugar this is not going to create a syrup. For this reason I consider it to be more like pudding. A very very good pudding!!

I always envious of how beautiful the photos are on other blogs of their food. To see the original recipe go to Maria’s blog here.  I tried to create a beautiful picture but look how horrible it turned out.

I was very excited. I had bought this beautiful plate and server for only $3.98 at the Salvation Army. Isn’t it gorgeous?

When I flipped the flan out of the baking dish it fell apart. I just chopped it and put it in cute custard cups. Next time I will bake them in custard cups to begin with. I added chopped pecans and Mrs. Butterworth’s Sugar Free Syrup to the top. When I tried this without the syrup it was very bland. With the syrup it can be quite addictive.

Maria’s recipe called for Swerve and I do not use that item. I used half Xylitol and half Splenda. It was a very good blend of sweetness.

I am not going to add the recipe here my changes are small and she deserves credit for creating this one. If you don’t choose to use Swerve it is very good with my mix of Xylitol and Splenda. Don’t forget to add the pecans and Mrs. Butter worth’s Sugar Free Syrup. I think the recipe screamed for pecans so I added them. Enjoy.




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